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A company, as a living entity, evolves over time and matures with experience. In a rapidly growing environment, this process is magnified and the learning curve is much steeper. 

Such has been the case with AIC and in over thirty years of operation, we have improved our capabilities and we have strengthened our core competencies.As our companies develop, our horizon also expands, and we continue to seek new and innovative areas to grow and contribute to the UAE growth story. 

HE Khalfan Saeed Al Kaabi, Chairman ASCORP Holdings Psc.


ASCORP Industrial Complex Llc. is a technically innovative subsidiary of ASCORP Holdings Psc. From the beginning AIC has been engineered to provide the most advanced and reliable solutions and has continued to be a dependable partner for their customers through reliable service and unfailing resourcefulness.

This concept has allowed AIC to maintain its edge as the leading provider of entrance technology in the emirate of Abu Dhabi and across the emirate's borders.

Dr. Saeed Khalfan Al Kaabi, CEO ASCORP Holdings Psc.


Our automation technology section still forms one of the core divisions of AIC. With our aluminium and steel fabrication facilities, the UPVC extrusion and fabrication plant and the manufacturing and assembly division, AIC has undergone rapid, but controlled growth, and through the execution of numerous projects AIC has proven its capabilities of top performances over many years. 

The support and understanding of our principals and suppliers has ensured that our customers receive professional and competent service, which in return many of our customers have acknowledged by including AIC in their projects again and again over the years.

The dedication of AIC staff and their commitment to achieve has been a major factor contributing to AIC’s success and I would like to thank everybody for their efforts. AIC has been built on the quality of its people, its products and services and AIC will continue to maintain this proven and successful concept in future.

Ulrike Krocker, COO ASCORP Industrial Complex Llc.